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Jason is a devout Christian, he is married and has one son. Jason is a successful business strategist and venture capitalist, leader, and entrepreneur. In business, his mission is to create jobs and impact by scaling impactful firms. In the family sense, his mission is to be living in the manifest presence of God so that that is palpable for his son.

Jason's primary focus is growing new companies: as an entrepreneur, venture financier, and advisor.

He got his first taste of venturing working for Bain & Co in 2001, helping De Beers Technology commercialise tech. which they could not use in the mines. He spent a few years in corporate strategy, mostly in the airline industry, often doing expansion strategy work. Since 2005, Jason has focused almost exclusively on growing new companies.

In 2007, he co-founded Edge Growth with the mission of creating jobs by scaling ventures.

In 2008-9, he co-founded Vumela, a ~R390m Venture Fund initially capitalised by The First Rand Group.

In 2016, Jason launched 10X-e: dedicated to helping successful founding teams Scale Up. Their focus is on the post-Accelerator stage, where founding teams need to make a complex, risky, multi-faceted transition from an entrepreneurial venture to a professionally managed, scaled organisation.

June 14, 2020

30 Jason Goldberg on the role of fathering shaped by a biblical world…

“I started from zero on fathering, zero on family, zero on being a man.” Jason Goldberg on DADicated.com Jason is a devout Christian and has one son. Jason the best business strategist I know, he is also a successful venture …

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