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I have been listening to these for sometime. These podcasts are very inspirational and often quite humbling. I find there is always a piece of advice or an idea from each podcast that I can implement into the way I raise my daughters and interact with them as a Dad. Thanks Philip.

Thanks Phil

Well done and keep up the great work. When I get around to listening the podcasts are informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Keep it up and hope to bump into again in the surf. Cheers @Mig_sta

Dougal Paterson

These podcasts are profound, intriguing, challenging, funny and encouraging. Philip is an exceptional interviewer with a great life story.

Great show!!

Real people and real stories! Loved James Lawrence “Iron Cowboy”! Loving the podcast keep em coming

Very useful and interesting

Great work Philip! I didn’t realize how much I needed this resource. I love the format, and it’s helping me stay mindful of being the best dad I can be.


What you are doing Philipp, with this podcast initiative, is so crucial as a balance against all the negative sensationalist, materialistic and 'macho' energies that we are continually swamped with these days. It is a real uplifting experience listening to these men talk honestly about themselves and their relationships with their kids. I salute all dads in their efforts. Keep raising the consciousness, and strength to you!!

Dadicated is real and relevant

Raising men is a big job. Tuning into resources like these is super helpful in guiding them in their role as men and future dads. I can recommend this podcast for fathers as well as mothers!

Much needed content for fathers

finally a resource for fathers to learn from those who are getting it right - most of the time - Thank you , Philip, much needed -


Listening to your podcasts was very interesting and motivational.I really loved listening to your podcasts when ever i have free time.I just wish you can also start #being a mom hahaha.You are the best Phillip Hartmann and you are also a super dad I know. All the best in whatever you do.


Inspirational podcasts. SO relevant.Keep on interviewing amazing Dads.

Amazing, meaningful and inspiring

I really love this podcast. Being a father I have felt for a while there is not a lot out there for us. This podcast changes that. For dads or potential dads there is so much to learn. Highly recommended

Phenomenal Stories from Phenomenal People

Philipp speaks to the most amazing guests that all bring a wealth of knowledge on Family, Fatherhood and Career. Every single episode is inspiring and I look forward to keeping Dadicated at the top of my listen history!


Very intimate insights of men sharing their life stories! Some of them have been dealt with unimaginable pain in their lives and yet, still managed to somehow find their own way to cope and even see the light in so much darkness- some of the stories touched me deeply and I find it inspiring how they look at sorrow from a different angle and don’t let it overcome them. It is however unfair/ tough that fathers are always expected to keep it together- it robs them off the ability to grieve. Lots of food for thought:)

Incredible content

Interesting, thought-provoking and bold. 5 stars.

Becoming a dad

As someone who isn’t a dad yet but would like to be in the near future I’ve found these podcasts very interesting and I’m sure very supportive to the fathers out there who struggle to find support. Philipp lets his interviews run naturally and allows people to speak from the heart. Really enjoying them.


This is the parenting resource we didn’t know we needed! Dads being brutally honest, sharing stories of highs and lows that are filled with valuable lessons for parents and parents-to-be. Equally engaging for both mothers and fathers!


Very inspirational. Really enjoyed this podcast.

Awe inspiring

Truly a worthwhile listen.

Inspirational and riveting

A great listen. Powerful

Inspiring and thought provoking

I get valuable insight and info on the trial and tribulations of the features dads. Phillips questions are thought provoking and I find I can listen to an episode in 2 days of commuting. Take a listen and learn a thing or two from exceptional figures who happen to be dads too.