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Alan Haefele

Ex-coder. Curator of talent. Entrepreneur. Husband & father of 4.

Alan grew up in Sandton, Johannesburg, schooled through Bryanston Primary and Bryanston High Schools, matriculating 1997, and studied Computer Science (B.Bus.Sc. Hons) at the University of Cape Town, graduating class of 2001.

He is the 4th sibling among 5 of us, all pretty independent and entrepreneurial in their own ways. His late father, Basil Raymond, was also an entrepreneur across a few ventures from Haefele Publications and Haefele Construction in Johannesburg in 70s, 80s, and 90s, so there is a definite sense of risk-taking in the family!

Alan married Christy (Dudley) in January 2006 and, having established Haefele Software in April 2006, their marriage has been defined by entrepreneurship, bearing every high and low together which has certainly helped the journey so far, and makes every turn that much more meaningful.

Alan and Christy have 4 wonderful children together, Zac (almost 9), Caleb (7), Levi (5) and Summer (15 months) making home life just as active as work life.

March 10, 2020

18 Alan Haefele on being a dad of a child with autism

Alan Haefele is an entrepreneur from South Africa. He has been married to Christy for 14 years and together they have four children. Three boys and one baby girl. Alans oldest son has autism.

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