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Bruno Monteferri

Bruno Monteferri connects people and nature.

Bruno is an Ashoka Fellow, environmental lawyer and an MPhil in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge. He has worked for a decade in the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law supporting the creation and management of private and public protected areas. He is Director of Marine Governance and Conservamos por Naturaleza. The latter is an initiative that gives Peruvians a platform to share their sustainability stories with the world.

He has published several books and also directed over 50 short videos, including the award-winning documentary A la Mar.

Ultimately, he works to inspire others to connect with nature and take action for the planet.

Oct. 5, 2020

41 Bruno Monteferri: Big Wave Surfer & Changemaker Dad

“Do not take anything for granted and you will change the way that you live every day of your life.” Bruno Monteferri on Bruno Monteferri (37) is from Peru, an Ashoka Fellow and has an MPhil in Conservation Leadership, …

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