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Conrad Stoltz, aka the “Caveman” is an exceptional triathlete from South Africa. He’s a powerful man and humble dad of three kids, Zena, Zander and Zoe.

Conrad is 7x World Champion, 2x Olympian (Road Triathlon), 10x XTERRA USA Series Champion, 53 XTERRA Global race victories, off-road Triathlete, Nondrafting road triathlete, ITU style athlete, Mountain Bike racer & Time Trialist. He has competed in over 1000 races and has been a Professional Triathlete for 23 years.

The first ten years of his career he lived hand to mouth, sleeping on park benches or in police stations as he came straight out of Apartheid and without a sponsor he actually couldn’t afford to compete on that level globally. He had to win to be able to eat!

Through visualisation Conrad is able to disassociate his mind from physical pain and enter flow or peak state during competition.

May 17, 2020

27 Conrad (“Caveman”) Stoltz: 3x Visualisation-Ninja DAD, 7x World Ch…

“The hardest thing I have ever tried to do was to truly, truly emotionally connect.” Conrad Stoltz, 10x world champion, 2x Olympian Athlete, 5x African Champion, 5 Times South African Champion - DAD of three. Conrad is a powerful man …

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