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Craig Rodney

Craig began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 26 when he started a communication agency which he eventually sold and exited in 2016. Since then Craig has focused on building his agency coaching business, a tourism content business, investing in start-ups, looking after his kids, and most importantly, looking after himself.

Craig and his wife separated early in 2018 with Craig becoming the primary caregiver to their two boys (now aged 4 & 6). He takes being a dad seriously, although he’s rarely a serious dad.

Craig’s passion is storytelling (his nickname is Stories), and his favourite personal project is running the @southafrica Instagram account which he has been doing for the seven years.

Oct. 19, 2020

42 Craig Rodney on Single-Dad-Hacks

“I am 100% responsible for how I choose to walk through the door at the end of a day and parent my kids.” Craig Rodney, on Craig Rodney sold his agency and committed himself to being a full-time dad. …

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