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Craig Wilkinson

Craig is passionate about the crucial role men play in the lives of their children and society.

He has two grown up children, Luke (26) and Blythe (24), and is the author of two books on fatherhood; the best-selling “DAD – How to be the father your children need” and “It’s a DAD! – Every man’s guide to pregnancy, birth and becoming a father”. His online course, “The Ultimate Dad Course” has helped many men grow as fathers. The course and Craig’s books can be found at

Craig founded and runs the non-profit company Father A Nation (FAN) which restores, equips and inspires men to be great fathers, role models and mentors. To support his work with men in the fight against gender-based violence Craig has written a booklet called “NOEXCUSE for abuse” and another on authentic masculinity called “the 6 Pack of Champion virtues”. Free copies of these can be found at

For his work with men in communities, Craig was awarded the GQ Humanitarian Man of the Year award in 2019.

Sept. 3, 2020

True masculinity & authentic fathering with Craig Wilkinson aka the “…

“My best advice to myself as a dad is to realise how valuable I am to my children and how much my presence is needed in their lives and just be present and engaged.” Craig Wilkinson on Craig Wilkinson …

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