Darryl Woods Snr & Darryl Woods JnrProfile Photo

Darryl Woods Snr & Darryl Woods Jnr

Darryl Woods Jr:
• Founder, Start Smart Life. Author
• International Speaker, Universities and Fortune 500 companies. from Dallas and New York to Dubai and Portugal

Darryl Woods Sr:
• Sentenced to Life without Parole in 1989, commuted in 2019.
• State of Michigan Appellate Commission appointee
• Great Expectation Award, NAACP Freedom Fund 2019
• Founder, Youth Deterrent Program

Feb. 28, 2022

66 Darryl Woods Snr and Darryl Woods Jnr on forgiveness and building …

“Growing up, people always asked where’s my dad, I would say in prison. But I always knew that that wasn’t the complete story. I wish I could say more to that when they asked me that, because they say your …

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