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Born in Beirut to an engineer and a caterer, Eric immigrated to Canada at the age of 21 along with his immediate family, after a happy childhood that was somewhat complicated by the ravages of war.

Following studies in mechanical engineering, Eric was attracted to the arts and decided to pursue a career in commercial photography, which he successfully undertook for a period of 20 years. The variety of subject matters and the challenges of expressing sometimes complex concepts, in a visual manner were challenges that kept things interesting and helped him grow as an artist.

It was not till the advent of the digital boom and the poor adaptation of the market to the evolution of technology, that Eric started having doubts about the viability of his future in the photography industry. Eric decided at that moment that he would look for a product of his own to promote, since he had done so for so many of his clients.

After 3 years and 15 due diligences Eric landed on his current company, Damotech, which is the largest warehouse rack safety company in North America, acquiring it in 2010. The journey has been an exciting one, with 10 years of consecutive growth serving 225 of the fortune 500 companies, the building of a LEED certified 43,000 Sq Ft facility and the creation division that sells engineering services specifically focused on warehouse safety.

Eric thinks of himself as a CPO as opposed to CEO. The letter P stands for purpose, people and profit. Eric’s reason for being an entrepreneur is to inspire self-achievement through an exceptional work experience and this approach has been a cornerstone of his entrepreneurial journey.

Nov. 25, 2020

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