Nov. 25, 2020

51 Eric Naaman on dancing the stepfather-dance

51 Eric Naaman on dancing the stepfather-dance

“How do I become part of this child’s life, without alienating the father, but still in the sense we need to become a family?” Eric Naaman on

Eric Naaman, who grew up in war-torn Lebanon, is a leading entrepreneur, and loving stepdad to 12 year old Francois. He studied in the US, and is a successful entrepreneur now living in Canada.

In the session Eric shares about his upbringing in Lebanon, resilient family units, the unique role of a step-dad, and how to build a relationship with a child that’s not your own. Eric shares how he has approached discipline and influence, when to take a step back, and his relationship with Frank’s father. He has amazing insights into how to turn a difficult situation into something very positive.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were:

  1. As a step-dad don’t try to replace or disparage the father; never take away glory from him
  2. Be supportive of all your child’s endeavours
  3. I should always be working at the relationship with my wife and kids.
  4. Ask them about their dreams, share yours.

“Embrace our separate journeys. These journeys are at the root of our individuality but sharing in them is the cornerstone of life as a family.” Eric Naaman on

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