Jan. 31, 2022

62 Financial literacy for children with Evan Harris

62 Financial literacy for children with Evan Harris
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“The best advice I would give myself is to recognize that my children are themselves. They are not a projection of me, nor were they me, or am I them at their current age.” - Evan Harris on DADicated

Evan Harris is an entrepreneur who has been married for 25 years and has two sons, 13 and 16. As teenagers, they have already learned the ins and outs of investment and have bought and sold action figures, motorcycles, cars, and even a boat.

In this session, we discuss how he separates emotion from money in his relationship with his children and motivates them to work for things they want, value their possessions, and leverage them to achieve more. He has a fascinating approach to gamifying their financial experience and provides valuable insight into the roles of both fathers and external mentors in their lives.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were:

- It’s essential to provide a training ground where children can fail and recuperate from it at home – you don’t want them to fail for the first time in the real world.

- Introducing your children to external figures, or “virtual uncles,” from whom they can learn is a powerful tool in their development.

- Giving an allowance doesn’t provide much educational value, but earning money for real work and even having the option of taking out high-interest loans from your parents can be hugely beneficial to children, if managed carefully I would add.

I hope you like the session, let me know your thoughts in the reviews and please enjoy! Thanks for listening



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Evan HarrisProfile Photo

Evan Harris

Evan Harris is a passionate husband, dad, and entrepreneur who believes that money is a resource to serve us and to be in service of others. Evan is the son of a professional money manager and has been active in the Real Estate lending and investing space for 20 years.

Evan has been married to his wife Leela for over 25 years and have been together since they were teenagers. Evan has two boys (16 & 13).

Evan along with his wife and kids own and operate SD Equity Partners in San Diego, CA. He has found that his business does more than just provide financial freedom, it also can be the best classroom for his kids to learn real life business skills that make a difference.