Oct. 13, 2019

1 Warren Rustand: strategies on building successful families

1 Warren Rustand: strategies on building successful families

My next guest, Warren Rustand, is an inspiring leader, a business man and of course a Dad. He has seven children and nineteen grandchildren. This session is truly impactful and to this day I have never met another Dad as clear and focussed as Warren. Warren is 77 today he is an ex-NBA player, a White House Fellow and later served as White House Appointments Secretary to the U.S. president. Warren is the past chairman of the World Presidents' Organization and various other impressive things. 

In business, Warren has listed numerous times, sat on many boards and has led big companies. Despite all of this, his true passion is family and this is where his main focus lies. 

The session is a profound share of experience and wisdom by a seasoned Dad and family man with defined priorities and clarity of vision. In this episode Warren takes us through his learnings of as a father and husband. He explains his family mission and vision system and tells us how he managed to create a successful family that shares their lives on a multi-generational farm today. 

Warren gives valuable practical advice on parenting and marriage. He runs us through his value and belief system, clear overarching principles, priorities and how he drives & achieves positive results in his family life. 

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: 

  • Your relationship with your partner is the foundation for everything. Keep it strong and healthy. 
  • Ask your child what she wants from life. Start early and do it often. 
  • If you have a family vision and clear values defined things become a lot easier. 
  • Apologize, forgive, carry on. 
  • Teach your kids to work and create a family bank. 
  • Technology can rupture families. 
  • Same answer from dad and mom, always. 
  • It’s critical to have one on one relationship with every child, every week. 
  • Building consensus around rules in the family is one of the most powerful principles. 

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Warren S. RustandProfile Photo

Warren S. Rustand

The common thread that permeates Warren's Rustand's experience is one of vision, strategy, and executive leadership, and achievement. He has created, led, and grown many successful private, public, and not-for-profit entities. He has a passion for
family, entrepreneurship, public policy, and community.

Warren is the former CEO of Providence Service Corporation (NASDAQ; PSC) a $2.1 Billion social services and healthcare company. He was previously Managing Director of SC Capital Partners an investment banking group. Warren was Chairman and CEO of Rural Metro Corporation, a $600 million, publicly traded emergency services company. He also served as Chairman and CEO of TLC Vision, the world’s largest Lasik eye surgery company. He has served as Chairman/CEO of 6 other companies.

He has served as a member of the Board of Directors for over 50 public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. The range of these organizations is from multibillion dollar public companies, to midsize, early stage, and startups. As CEO he has helped take three companies public, two of which are among the largest in their industry.

In 1973 Warren was selected as a White House Fellow through a nationally competitive process. He served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce and co-led the first ever Executive Level Trade Mission to the Soviet Union. He joined the staff of Vice President Ford on the day he was sworn-in. In August of 1974 when the Vice Pre… Read More