Dec. 15, 2019

#10 Rob & myself have 8 prem babies combined On parents relationships, own identities & family first

#10 Rob & myself have 8 prem babies combined On parents relationships, own identities & family first

Rob Murray is a passionate Dad of three kids who are all born premature. His 4 year old was 5 weeks early and his 2 year old twins were 8 weeks early. I have 5 premature kids (10.5 and 10 weeks).

Rob runs a digital agency business called intrigue that is growing 30% a year for the last 6 years, he is also the president of Entrepreneurs Organization in Ontario in Canada and he does lots of charitable work and he is very involved in his local start-up scene.

Rob shares very valuable insights and strategies he and his wife Megan developed to keep their relationship strong and their family tight. We talk about challenges him (and myself) are facing with having had so many (prem babies) babies almost "at once".

A big part of the session is about and our goals with the project because Rob’s wife couldn’t believe my story and told him to ask me all these questions since.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where:

  1. My wife’s and my relationship must come first to ensure a solid, safe foundation for the kids.
  2. Rob reminded me of what my good friend Alon told me: "ensure you maintain a healthy balance of all your own roles and identities - even after there are kids".
  3. If I ask my wife what chores need to be done this is actually more mental load on her.
  4. If I want say yes to “family first”, I need to say NO to something else.

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