Feb. 20, 2020

13 “The Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence on parenting, Birth & natural consequences

13 “The Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence on parenting, Birth & natural consequences

My next dad, James Lawrence aka “The Iron Cowboy”, is truly inspirational. James holds numerous world records and has achieved some pretty mind blowing results with his body and his mind. He is best known for doing 50 consecutive full Iron Mans in 50 American States. 50!

What many people do not know is that James has always made a point of including his family in his adventures and world records. For instance, during the ‘50’, his daily appointment to run 5 ks with his daughter kept him going.

James has five kids, four daughters and a son. Him and his wife are very young parents and he has a very healthy and inspiring take on being a dad and parenting. I love his ways of dealing with the fact that he is outnumbered by his kids in the positive manner he does.

James opens up on his views as a Dad, he shares valuable, and very practical experiences and tips on how we can prepare our kids for adulthood. We talk about natural consequences that can aid parenting, chores, grit, failure and allowing yourself to laugh often. We then move on to talk about how we experienced the births of our children as dads (we have 10 between the two of us) and how dealing with energy in the right way can lead to emotional connection and emotional healing.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where:

  1. Communicate at an early age and make that the expectation.
  2. Emotions and how we vibrate in families and beyond is very real and often attached to a physical element.
  3. Natural consequence often brings great teaching moments. Don’t forget to enforce the natural consequence.
  4. Allow kids to be.
  5. Put a moral compass over sound principles to allow your kids authentically who they are as unique individuals.
  6. I have scheduled one-on-one birthday dates until the end of time with my kids.

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Please enjoy another session of DADicated.com with James the “Iron Cowboy”.

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