Jan. 12, 2020

14 Jamie Mitchell one of the most inspiring waterman alive on his role as a Dad.

14 Jamie Mitchell one of the most inspiring waterman alive on his role as a Dad.

My next dad is THE Jamie Mitchell, maybe the most inspiring watermen alive. Jamie is a 10X World Paddle Champion and professional big wave surfer.

Jamie Mitchell has created a life from the ocean, one which he wants to be able to pass down to his children. Born in Australia and now living on the islands of Hawai’i with his wife and two daughters, he sees we are on an ecological path that must be changed.

When we spoke Jamie had just completed his “Seven Crossings Project” that comprised of a 5 day & 170-mile paddle (!) of the Channel Islands in an effort to raise money and promote solutions towards a sustainable planet.

Jamie told me the reason for his project where his daughters who are 2 and 4 today. He wants to raise awareness for the global climate crisis we are in today. He is right and it makes a lot of sense to support Jamie in his efforts.

Besides the seven crossings project we chatted about his perspectives as a young dad of two girls, Jamie opened up on some of the things he struggles with as a dad and how he manages to translate his insights and dedication as a professional athlete to Being a Dad. We also talked about his own upbringing, his parents and what impact his dad had on himself growing up.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where:

  1. It is important to stand for what you believe in and be that role model for your kids.
  2. If you want your kids to surf at the age of two or three, use goggles.
  3. Let your children decide, and take the lead on, when they want to learn and at which speed they’d like to progress.

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