March 3, 2020

17 Richard Walton "Being Dad" in the jungle

17 Richard Walton
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Not only is Richard a successful serial entrepreneur and dad of 4 kids - three girls and one boy. I could tell immediately that Richard has done some deep introspection about being a father, family and values in his life.

Richard is a man who follows his heart and therefore seems to make really good decisions in his life when it counts. At one stage in his life Richard decided to move to the jungle in Costa Rica - at a time when his first baby was 7 months and his wife pregnant with their second child - they were going to stay six months and ended up living there for 8 years.

The result of this was that Richard was able to literally spend and live the first 8 years of his childrens lives together with them.

In this episode, Richard and myself speak about some of the challenges we face as an entrepreneurs and dads. We chat about education, travelling and how - within a mere 4 years - Richard built a company with over 120 employees growing at insane rates all because he watched his son playing soccer on his own through the kitchen window. And of course the ups and downs of that journey.


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Richard WaltonProfile Photo

Richard Walton

Richard is a wandering entrepreneur, father of 4 having lived and brought up kids in the jungles of Costa Rica, the US, the UK and now Cape Town, South Africa.

Fresh out of college, he set up GVI, a multi-award-winning social enterprise that runs high impact conservation and sustainable development programs for government organisations, international charities, not-for-profits, companies, pioneering grass roots initiatives, and many other inspirational organisations in over 17 countries worldwide. GVI works actively in the youth travel market to bring people onto these programs.

Started in the UK in 1998, Richard moved to Cape Town in 2011 and has never looked back. Over the last five years, he has been angel investing and mentoring start-ups including an EU-funded start-up school in Exeter, a Field Guide training School in South Africa, and a few others.

His current day job is CEO of Avirtual. Started in 2015, AVirtual offers high-quality virtual PA's to the UK from Cape Town.

Richard loves learning and sharing and is passionate about motivating young people to get involved with entrepreneurship.
He enjoys traveling with his family, surfing, kite-boarding, and pretty much anything else which gets him into the ocean.