Aug. 17, 2020

36 A Christian “Arab Dad’s” perspective with Dr. Suhail Jouaneh from Jordan

36 A Christian “Arab Dad’s” perspective with Dr. Suhail Jouaneh from Jordan

“By profession I am a dental surgeon by profession I am a mental surgeon.” Suhail Jouaneh on

Dr. Suhail Jouaneh is a leader, coach and businessman from Amman in Jordan. He is a business facilitator and executive coach having organized thousands of workshops and trained more than 20,000 people from over forty countries. Suhail is well spoken, very witty and positive and the session is fun and very interesting.

Suhail is married to his wife Abeer and has two daughters Elisabeth 21, Christina 14. Suhail is Christian in a country where 98% of the population is muslim. He spent seven years in France during his studies and so I was very interested to hear his perspective as a “Arab Dad” with a Western understanding and mindset. Suhail did not disappoint.

In the session Suhail shares his own journey as a father; we discuss his family principles and values, Suhail contrasts Western family culture and Jordanian family customs, the role of daughters in Jordan and “Arab Dads” as Suhail coins it. Suhail explains how he empowers his daughters in a country where arranged marriage still exists and sons are often preferred over daughters. He also tells us how he applies his coaching techniques to family.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where:

  1. Investing in the relationship early is so important.
  2. Where required, talk to your daughters in the role of a male, not just as a dad.
  3. Don’t be distant or harsh, especially with your wife and daughters.
  4. Always be watchful and amend mistakes instantly.

“Whenever our daughters lie, they admit that they lie. They don’t know how to lie.”  Suhail Jouaneh on

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