Nov. 3, 2019

#4 Yat Siu on consistency, empathy & education

#4 Yat Siu on consistency, empathy & education

Yat Siu (Chinese: 蕭逸) is a Hong Kong based Dad, entrepreneur, angel investor, classically trained musician, director of the Asian Youth Orchestra, Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year who was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. Yat is co-founder of the Dalton Learning Lab, which emphasises divergent thinking and design thinking for children.

In short, Yat is awesome! His extraordinary views on our educational systems, how we teach and educate our children, dealing with kids' gaming addictions and how he proposes to deal with digital and screen-time in principle intrigued me from the start!

In this session Yat shares his views (and frustrations) on today’s education system (outdated information arbitrage we force upon our children really), tech and the digital worlds us and our kids live in. Yat shares amazing personal learnings and ideas on dealing with gaming addiction and how he and his children deal with conflict as equals.

Yat Siu (guest):

  1. Yat on Wikipedia
  2. Yat is the Founder & CEO of Outblaze
  3. Yat is the Co-founder & Non-Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands 

Philipp Hartmann (host): 

  1. Philipp Hartmann
  2. Philipp Hartmann on LinkedIn

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