Sept. 23, 2020

40 Don Lamont has 7 daughters & 20 grandchildren

40 Don Lamont has 7 daughters & 20 grandchildren

Don Lamont lost his first wife to breast cancer when his youngest daughter was four years of age. Don is an amazing serial entrepreneur and a wise family leader. He is 59 today and married to his second wife Ronda.

In the session Don tells us how he managed to deal with the pressure of losing his wife and bringing up his daughters together with truly inspirational learnings he made along the way. I learned a lot from his shares.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were:

  1. Vet your kids’ friends.
  2. Do not focus on your mistakes.
  3. Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself.
  4. Be careful with your words: Things you say will haunt you.
  5. Find something you and your child both love and do that together to gain an opening into her life.
  6. Have frank conversations with your girls and teach them how men think.

“When you think they are too young to hear something, they are probably not.” Don Lamont on

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“Lead when you don’t know how.” Don Lamont on

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