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April 13, 2020

23 Dr. Malik Mohammed a journey from homeless child to “Scholar Warri…

This next session truly left me in awe. It is powerful and inspirational. Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad is a father, husband, educator, transformational leader, entrepreneur and author. He was homeless from five well into his teenage years and spent quite some …

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April 5, 2020

22 Marc Rousso on being a dad during personal bankruptcy

Marc Rousso has two children; his shares are uplifting and practical and they are very important as we are stuck in a downturn economy caused by the explosive global deceleration we are currently experiencing. Marc built his ...

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March 10, 2020

18 Alan Haefele on being a dad of a child with autism

Alan Haefele is an entrepreneur from South Africa. He has been married to Christy for 14 years and together they have four children. Three boys and one baby girl. Alans oldest son has autism.

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March 10, 2020

20 Balancing life in business, family & personal growth (and dealing …

Jeremy Ames is 42, married and has 2 kids. He lives in Idaho in the U.S. and is a serial entrepreneur. Jeremy’s current business, Guidant Financial, has helped over 18.000 entrepreneurs put more than 4 billion USD to work, ma...

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March 3, 2020

17 Richard Walton "Being Dad" in the jungle

Not only is Richard a successful serial entrepreneur and dad of 4 kids - three girls and one boy. I could tell immediately that Richard has done some deep introspection about being a father, family and values in his life. …

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Feb. 20, 2020

13 “The Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence on parenting, Birth & natural con…

My next dad, James Lawrence aka “The Iron Cowboy”, is truly inspirational. James holds numerous world records and has achieved some pretty mind blowing results with his body and his mind. He is best known for doing 50 consecu...

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Jan. 26, 2020

16 'Who' over 'what' with Brandon Dempsey

Brandon Dempsey is a super-passionate Dad of two kids. He had 13 siblings growing up. He’s a serial entrepreneur currently running two companies. Brandon is also an Iron Man, author, speaker, professor, a non-profit leader, a...

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Dec. 15, 2019

#10 Rob & myself have 8 prem babies combined On parents relationships…

Rob Murray is a passionate Dad of three kids who are all born premature. His 4 year old was 5 weeks early and his 2 year old twins were 8 weeks early. I have 5 premature kids (10.5 and 10 …

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Dec. 8, 2019

#9 life lessons from a dad who experienced bankruptcy with Conor Neill

My next dad’s name is an inspiring man, Conor Neill. Conor is a Professor at IESE where he runs Leadership courses, he is an author, a keynote speaker, a serial entrepreneur and the Spanish President of Vistage, the worlds le...

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Dec. 1, 2019

#8 Jason Reid on his son's suicide and teen suicide

This session is very powerful and intense. Jason Reid is 52 years of age, he is married and has three children. Last year his fourth son, Ryan, killed himself. Jason shares his son's story, his perspective as a Dad and …

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Nov. 10, 2019

#5 Andrew Shortell lost a baby & was accused of shaken baby syndrome

Andrew Shortell is a dad of two children. Him and his wife lost their son Tristan at 4 months back in 2014 and where accused of shaken baby syndrome in the aftermath. The accusation was only cleared after many painful …

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Nov. 3, 2019

#4 Yat Siu on consistency, empathy & education

Yat Siu (Chinese: 蕭逸) is a Hong Kong based Dad, entrepreneur, angel investor, classically trained musician, director of the Asian Youth Orchestra, Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, and Young Entrepreneur ...

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Oct. 26, 2019

#3 Grant Hatch “Being Dad” with stage 4 lung cancer

Grant Hatch is truly inspiring. He has four boys, he is extremely intelligent and has been successfully fighting stage 4 cancer for quite some time. Grant has managed to change his condition’s diagnosis from terminal to chron...

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Oct. 20, 2019

2 Walter Lee’s son Zy has only one arm, no legs

As a Dad Walter found his calling when his 3rd son, Zy, was born with only one complete limb. His left arm. Read that again... The doctors had not picked up Zy’s condition on the scans during the pregnancy and …

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Oct. 13, 2019

1 Warren Rustand: strategies on building successful families

My next guest, Warren Rustand , is an inspiring leader, a business man and of course a Dad. He has seven children and nineteen grandchildren. This session is truly impactful and to this day I have never met another Dad …

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